Fun in Las Vegas: Stars That Were Seen in Las Vegas

Have you ever caught a glance of someone you thought might have been a celebrity? Well, at Las Vegas, you might actually be right! It’s not a little-known fact that celebrities like to have a good time, just like the rest of us. Here are a few stars who have been spotted hanging out at Las Vegas!


The famous DJ deadmau5 can certainly confirm it. He takes the risk of the casino game and maybe the mega gambler / mega party goer Don Johnsonwhenever he makes a buy-in, get a share. “Deadmau5 wasn’t a gambler until he started playing blackjack with me,” Johnson says, “I was in a casino nightclub with Matt Bon Jovi

. We went backstage to chat with deadmau5 and did a few things musically. I said [deadmau5] if he has time after the show he should join us in blackjack. He said he wasn’t playing, so I placed his first bets and they hit. I gave him a free spin. It’s so easy to enjoy blackjack ”. Considering all of this, Johnson recalls, “He had a great night at the table and has been playing ever since.”

According to an article in Rolling Stone, deadmau5 has overcome all concerns about risking your own money these days. In describing his post-show activities, the magazine reports that he “made a side trip to the blackjack table where he had lost nearly $ 100,000 before winning it back in 20 minutes and $ 50,000 more”.


Sometimes when it comes to celebrity gambling, there are always two. TV star Drew Carey and the late “Simpsons” co-designer Sam Simon were traveling together in Las Vegas. Both enjoy gambling and decided to pursue this passion while waiting for lunch in Mandalay Bay (a hamburger for Carey, a vegetarian burger for Simon). With a stake of $ 1,000 per hand while their meals were being prepared, the couple managed to lose $ 200,000 or so between them. But Carey doesn’t mind playing gambling alone – and having fun doing it. An anecdote lets him play blackjack for $ 500 a hand and tries to double down on himself with a bobble-head puppet.


It was entertaining, but for Charlie Sheen, gambling was anything but a pleasure. During his divorce with Denise Richards, he turned out to be spending $ 200,000 a week on gambling. On the way to the hospital, for the birth of her child, Richards claimed, Sheen phoned his bookmaker to bet on a sporting event . Since then, he has reportedly given up gambling forever. Or maybe he just did it wrong. Sheen’s brother Emilio Estevez made the most of his gambling by playing as a major player for the blackjack team of Rob Reitzen, one of the most successful gamblers in history.

Of course, few things would be more memorable than sitting at a blackjack table with Sheen and hearing him scream his often-spoken “winning” every time an ace and a face card came into his hands. That would surely give the star a steak dinner and reaffirm his reputation as a Sin City legend.

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